Voice (vois)
The exquisite sound produced by the vocal expressions of Cindy Brooks, especially within applications such as tv and radio commercials, corporate presentations, on hold messages, and narrations.
The sound produced when mind, heart and soul combine to produce exceptional sounds through the vocalization of Cindy Brooks.

How did my passion for my career choice begin?  The first time I talked into that square, bulky microphone of the reel to reel player back in the 70’s!   I was hooked by the idea of hearing a voice come out of a speaker – and that voice being mine!   

It’s not just a paycheck, it’s a passion.  Every day, I am challenged to bring life to a script and deliver the best audio product to each and every one of my clients – large or small.   There’s nothing better than knowing that I can be heard from Portland Oregon to Portland Maine and now to the far reaches of the UAE and Dubai.   My client list is always growing…. In every case, my goal is to always provide the very best, natural sounding audio for each client and each project. 

They say that your job should be your passion…and voice work is mine! 

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